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Midsummer Madness in the Ribble Valley Click for Meet Info...
16/06/2023 - 18/06/2023
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Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
Balloon Entry Fee: NWBAC Members - £ 15.00. Non-Members - £ 20.00.
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Pilot Declaration - I confirm that all paperwork including, but not limited to, insurance; certificate of airworthiness; CAA licence; medical; in respect of the balloon & pilot(s) named above are valid and that the above balloon and associated equipment are properly maintained and updated for the purpose of flying and/or tethering at this event. (Please ensure all relevant documents are available at the meet for inspection). I have read 'British Balloon and Airship Club -­- Code of Conduct for Farmers and Pilots (April 2009)' and agree to abide by this during the event. I agree to pay all charges for gas cylinders both used and part used.
Camping, per unit per night. Members: 17.00  Non-members: 22.00
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Camping bookings now at Standard Rates per night.
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I agree to adhere to the rules & regulations of the campsite and to keep dogs on a lead whilst on the camping field or take-off field. I will report any damage to the meet organiser.

The Club regrets that, due to unacceptable lack of control of and cleaning up after some animals at previous meets, any non-compliance with these perfectly reasonable conditions will result in a person or persons initially being warned and subsequently asked to leave the event. Exclusion of the person(s) from future Club meets is likely.

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Meet Info...
Flying maps: 102 103 (98)
Directions/Address: Edisford Bridge Farm Camp Site (Rally Field)

2 Edisford Road,
Edisford Bridge,

53.86933891278297, -2.421509543946786

Google Maps pin here

Camping is in the Rally Field
Flying info: Briefings and evening flights will be on the camping field, but Morning flights will take off (after briefing), from "The Microlight Field"
at SD 178-417 - w3w (approximately) on the left, up the road from the rally field.

Briefings: 05:00 (04:40 Sunday) / 18:00 hrs

Sunrise/set: 04:37 / 21:43 hrs Friday 16th

We may call an earlier briefing if we intend to fly-in or relocate, however Friday evening will remain at 18:00 BST. Alterations to briefing times will be given at the previous briefing.

IF a briefing is cancelled and for other pertinent information, it will be announced on the Whatsapp Group created from the mobile numbers from your entry form.
Please ensure Derek has all necessary mobile phone numbers of those who wish to be included in the Whatsapp Group.

Radio frequency 122.480
Re-fuelling: Please arrive with enough gas to fly 3 or 4 slots as no gas will be available at this short weekend event.
Other notes:
Socials; Competitions; etc.
Competition: launch at daylight Sunday Morning, usual rules, the Balloon which flies furthest and returns to the launch field complete with equipment and crew by 08:30 hrs, (same day), is the winner.


A 'thank you' bottle for farmers, labelled with your details. A label design has been formulated and a limited number will be available at the meet. But bottles won't! so please bring some!

NB: Landing details will still be required for Admin and H&S reasons.


Please feel free to bring a chair and knock on a caravan/tent where you see or hear a social gathering. If all quiet and still early then many will be inside the pub "Edisford Bridge', located at the entrance to the campsite. The food here is excellent and it gets very busy at peak times, so booking a table is recommended.
Accommodation: Camping is available on site, price as on the entry form. Camping is at the top end of the rally field, NOT the Caravan site.
Contact: Derek Grimshaw
Mobile: 0777 574 3393
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