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Hawarden RMZ Notification Procedure
The RMZ (Radio Mandatory Zone) for Hawarden becomes active as of 30th March 2017.
Prior to entering or operating within the RMZ, the pilot will inform Hawarden ATC by e-mail, phone or SMS with the following information:

Aircraft Registration(s) - e.g. G–ABCD
Quantity of Balloons e.g. 1
Aircraft Type – ONLY state it is a HOT AIR BALLOON, not the manufacturer!
Take Off Site or RMZ Entry Point - Name of nearest Town / Location e.g. Whitchurch
Take off Time or RMZ Entry Time - Planned time of launch or estimated entry to RMZ e.g. 07:30
Estimated Track / Departure - Compass Point direction from Launch site/ current location e.g. South East
Planned Altitude - NOT above 3000ft amsl
Duration - Planned flight time e.g. 1 hr 30 mins

Advisory info - the pilot may wish to supply a mobile telephone contact number for contingency use

Contact methods
The pilot must contact Hawarden ATC to provide the information above, prior to commencing any planned flights that will operate in, enter or cross the RMZ.
• Telephone call to ATC - 01244 522012
• Email to atcopshawarden@airbus.com
• Text message to 07786 208 291

The full document is available as a pdf via the members section
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